What We Do

What We Do

Let's begin with a story: Your friend invites you over to a remote area miles and miles away from town to where no one else is just to show you his brand-new Lamborghini. He has been bragging that it looks great and drives fast. Its brand new! When you get into it you realize that there's no seat belt. You ask what the hole in the dashboard is for, and your friend says it's because the airbag was removed. 2 of the seats are missing, the brakes are shot, and the wheels are wobbling to the point where it feels like they’re going to fall off! Without warning, he darts to 130 mph and sloooowly flubs to a stop.

You pipe up and ask, 'What was that?!'

'What?' he says.

'Ummm, the fact that my life has been in jeopardy the entire time I've been in this car! - That’s what!' you reply.

He responds, 'Relax man, I just got this baby from the factory - it was custom made for me,' as he winks.

You respond, 'Your car has designed failures?!

He falls silent....

You wouldn't knowingly get into a vehicle with designed failures all of which could cost you your life just because it looks good and can drive fast. Nor would you respect the judgment of a friend who offered it. So, why would you have your money in financial vehicles that have designed failures?

If you have your money in investments or a Qualified Retirement Plan – (401(k), 403(b), SEP IRA, 457 Plan, Simple IRA Plan, Keogh Plan/HR-10) then you have your money in a financial vehicle that has designed failures. Failures that range everywhere from penalties for an early withdrawal, taxation when you need the money most, all the way to your Savings being a source of taxation to your Social Security Benefits when you retire.

We can fix that. 

Here at The Retirement Catalyst, we don't just give projections of fantastic growth of your money; we give exactitudes of the imminent dangers that each failed safety feature in your current accounts imposes on your financial security. In order to be financially secure - no matter how wealthy - you need to look beyond the desire for achieving great gains in whatever financial vehicles (accounts) that you have long enough to digest the fact that you really just don't know which threat will be your worst - or even what the worst could look like for you.

Which brings us to the next question - since these crucial financial safety features are missing:

Who could these designed failures possibly benefit? 

My name is Jason Garulli, Founder of The Retirement Catalyst. The priority of a financial professionals job should be to help you understand asset protection and how it works. I educate people on how to protect their assets and employ strategies that ensure that their money enjoys exponential growth, with no risk and impermeability to taxes. Whether, you are a baby boomer, in your 40's, or just getting started, we have a tailor designed plan to make just for you. 

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Thank you and I wish you all the best!

Jason Garulli
President & Founder
The Retirement Catalyst